Warm Up This Winter: How to Prepare Your Home’s Heating System for the Season

If you live in a colder climate, you probably know that winter is coming. And if you’re the kind of person who prefers to plan and prepare for things rather than be caught off guard and scrambling at the last minute, then now is the time to start preparing your home’s heating system so that it’s ready to withstand the freezing temperatures when they arrive.

Preparing your home’s heating system for winter doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of time. Most things can be done in just a few minutes. Here are some tips on how to prep your home’s heating system for the upcoming winter.

1. Replace Your HVAC Filter

These filters keep your heating system clean and reduce dust, so you should replace them regularly. If you’re not sure when the next filter needs to be replaced, then it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with your HVAC professional for a tune-up. The important thing is to ensure that the filter fits properly in your furnace or air conditioner. If it doesn’t fit properly, then you may receive poor results from the heating system.

2. Prepare Your Vents/Registers

If you have a forced air heating system, you must ensure your vents are clear, and no debris is blocking any of them. This is even more important if you have an in-floor heating system. You should poke around the piping and ensure there aren’t any holes or other obstructions that could cause a problem during the cold months.

3. Turn Up The Thermostat

The first step in preparing your home’s heating system is to turn up the thermostat. You don’t need to turn your heating system on, but you should make sure that it’s at least a few degrees above the temperature where you are comfortable. This will help prevent any damage to your heating system if it freezes.

4. Schedule A Heating Maintenance Appointment

The most important thing you can do to prepare your heating system for winter is to schedule a heating maintenance appointment. This will allow your technician to check the entire system, inspect all components, and make necessary repairs before winter arrives.

If you’re uncomfortable with doing this yourself, consider hiring a professional heating maintenance company to do it for you. These companies are trained in all types of HVAC systems and are experienced at maintaining them, so they’re ready for the winter season. They will be able to perform all the necessary inspections and repairs before it gets too cold for them to do so.

5. Cover Up Your Condenser

This is the part of your heating system responsible for cooling the air blown into it. And since it’s the coldest part of your heating system, it needs to be covered to keep it from getting damaged by high temperatures during the winter.

6. Remove Nearby Objects

Remove any items which may be in the way of your heating system’s pipes, such as furniture and rugs. This will prevent debris from accumulating and clogging up your heating system’s pipes and help ensure that they operate at their best. It is best to have your heating system away from all other rooms, windows and doors so that no one can enter the room without getting through the heating system.

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