HVAC Checklist for summer

HVAC Checklist for Summer

HVAC owners need to ensure their units work correctly before the summertime arrives. We have a checklist to help you meet all the HVAC system requirements and have a pleasant, sunny summer.

A properly working HVAC system can help owners in multiple ways, as it saves you money, increases system efficiency, and more.

It will help you enjoy cleaner air from the HVAC system for a healthier lifestyle. Many HVAC servicing companies also have annual plans to help you maintain the unit all year long.

HVAC Checklist for Summers

Here is an essential checklist to help you meet all your HVAC system requirements through the summer. Have a look.

Clean the HVAC System

A clean HVAC system has tons of benefits for its users, including lower safety hazards, cleaner air, and improved performance. However, a common mistake most people make is that they clean the systems but not completely.

The majority of the HVAC unit issues arise because users do not consider the outdoor unit. These outdoor units have a high chance of encountering dust build-up, debris, leaves, and other blocking elements.

The unit can lose its performance with time and even consume more energy, increasing usage costs. Thus, HVAC unit owners need to ensure the units are spotless to help the system maintain its cooling and heating throughout the year.

Change the Air Filters

Air filter cleaning is simple but still unnoticed because people do not consider how important they are. The air filters impact the quality of air produced through the HVAC unit.

Dirty air filters compromise air quality and cause significant allergies and health complications, especially for patients with breathing issues. The health risks are much higher for older patients and children because they have lower immunity levels.

Always Test the HVAC System

It does not matter if your HVAC unit performed well when you shut it off the previous season, and there is a chance that you will face performance issues once you turn it back on. Therefore, you should run a test run to ensure no problems with the system.

Testing the HVAC system before the summer season also gives you sufficient time to fix it if required. A professional HVAC contractor can help you maintain and fix the unit and ensure you have a comfortable summertime.

HVAC testing also makes it easier to detect minor issues which you can solve without professional help. Or, you can always ask a pro to do it for you and keep yourself comfortable.

Clean the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are an integral part of the cooling system. These condenser coils have the refrigerant, which regulates the HVAC cooling. It is best to ensure that the system has sufficient coolant levels while cleaning the condenser coils. You will find two copper pipes with the HVAC system that you can touch to check their temperatures.

If the copper pipes are excellent, the HVAC unit has sufficient refrigerant levels. Or, you will need to call professional HVAC contractors to refill the liquid to restore the unit’s performance. It would always help wipe the condenser coils and pipes when you cleaned the rest of the unit. The condenser coils operate better and have better efficiency during extreme heat levels.

Check the Air Ducts Properly

Air ducts can develop leaks over time, compromising an HVAC system’s heating and cooling capabilities. You wouldn’t use a unit that takes average energy but does not perform well. The air duct leaks can reduce the unit efficiency by up to 25%, depending on the number of system leaks.

Check the Airflow

The airflow is what determines the intensity of cooling or heating indoors. The airflow comes through a structure of flow pipes that let the cool or warm air pass out of the HVAC system. Blocked airflows will stop the unit’s performance and cause mechanical failure. You will feel substantial performance differences once the airflow restores to normal.

Advantages of HVAC Maintenance

  • Maintaining an HVAC unit is a great way to ensure year-round performance, but it offers other benefits to users. These benefits include the following:
  • Cost-saving because the HVAC units require less energy if all the system components work correctly.
  • The HVAC system ensures that indoors always have a welcoming environment whether you come from outside or bring guests with you.
  • Frequent maintenance before summertime helps avoid costly repairs and replacements. It will also help avoid mechanical breakdown and last-minute inconvenience, improving the collective experience.
  • You can use the manufacturer manual and warranty terms to choose the right HVAC contractor and get your unit fixed in no time.
  • Maintaining the unit is an ideal way to prolong the system usage.

Bottom Line

Following an HVAC checklist for summer ensures that your unit faces no mechanical or performance issues. It would be best to hire a service provider with the right understanding, knowledge, and experience with HVAC systems.

In this case, Air Systems Heating and Cooling has you covered. We have years of experience in the industry and can quickly solve any HVAC system issue you might face.


Summer HVAC Checklist

The HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Summer

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