Design/Build & Retrofit

Since 1989 Air Systems Mechanical has built our reputation by our commitment to the design/build and retrofit market. Often, mechanical systems are deployed in a more piecemeal fashion, where one entity designs the system, another sources and installs, a third entity incorporates controls and commissioning. Here a few reasons you should strongly consider ASM for a design/build project:

1. Early-Stage Budgeting
When you choose to work with Air Systems Mechanical we will work with you to do early stage load calculations and establish budgets for a number of different options before launching into the full-scale design. We are often approached by clients who have a design in hand but are unhappy with the pricing that they received from contractors after the design was already complete. This is a common pitfall in the plan and spec model.

2. Coordination
The most common source of delays or the overruns in construction projects are related to coordination of engineering disciplines at the design level or trades in the field during construction. Sometimes, this is due to a failure to appoint one central point of responsibility. Other times, it’s due to scope gap—each individual trade or discipline has a defined scope, and anything outside of that scope isn’t their responsibility, so they don’t concern themselves with it.

3. Responsibility
When something goes wrong in traditional construction methods it often leads to finger pointing and criticism. Inevitably issues will arise… who is responsible for identifying the cause of the issue and resolving it if there are multiple parties involved?

When the controls contractor is pointing at the engineer, and the engineer is pointing at the installing contractor, and the installing contractor is pointing at the controls team, and none of them think the issue was part of their scope, how do you resolve it in a timely manner? When there is a single point of responsibility, you don’t have to. We do.