Why Your HVAC Heating System Needs a Seasonal Check-Up

Why Your HVAC Heating System Needs a Seasonal Check-Up As the cool breeze begins to replace the warmth of summer, it’s essential to ensure that your HVAC heating system is in top-notch condition for the impending colder months. Air Systems Mechanical understands the significance of a seasonal check-up for your heating system. Regular maintenance guarantees […]

Six Reasons you need annual furnace maintenance.

Every year, about this time, you probably receive several direct mail pieces from different heating and cooling companies telling you to schedule a furnace tune-up.  But what most companies fail to tell you (and the reason most of these offers are ignored) is exactly why furnace maintenance is essential.  At Air Systems Mechanical Inc., we won’t […]

The Hidden Danger of Breathing

These are the kind of statistics that really make you catch your breath: Indoor air is said to be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air – and in some cases, it can be 100 times more polluted! Whether we are asleep, working, going to school or staying in for the evening, we […]

What Everyone Should Know About Contractor Scams

We’ve all heard these stories and seen the images. When a natural disaster hits a community, friends, neighbors and charities rush in to help. It always warms the heart to see the outreach in services and donations. And yet … there’s that other side of the response. There are selfish people who try to take advantage […]

U.S. Government Breaks Your A/C System

Most of us probably don’t think about the ozone day in, day out. But some folks do. And the groups and agencies who keep a close eye on environmental concerns have prompted some actions in recent years that will ultimately affect the operation of central air conditioners across this country. The issue is the refrigerant, […]

The Once-a-Year Step for Everyday Comfort

You’ve probably heard of Poor Richard’s Almanac even if you have never read it. This was a work by Ben Franklin back when the country was young, and it had a calendar, weather predictions and some wise sayings. Well, if Ben Franklin were writing weather predictions for New Brighton, he’d say, “It’s going to be hot this summer.” […]

Is Your Home at the Center of an Energy-Loss Vortex?

Time to Dust Off a Few Energy Saving Ideas Have you ever considered how much the dust that’s gathering in your home is costing you in energy bills? When dust builds up on the registers and vent covers in your home, for example, it becomes “insulation” that blocks the air’s path into the room. The […]

Just Another Part of Your Routine

There are certain routines that are as common as having a cup of coffee in the morning. (Or, if you prefer, a big glass of orange juice or soft drink of choice.) When that’s your routine, you don’t keep deciding every day whether that’s how you’ll start your morning. You just keep doing it. That’s […]

How’s the Weather Treating You?

I used to hear this from time to time: “How’s the world treating you?” It’s just one of those friendly greetings which most folks answer with anything from the succinct “Fine” to “Better than I deserve.”  In this work world I live in, what I really want to know is, “How’s the weather treating you?” This is […]

Is a Clean House Bad for Your Health?

Keeping air pollution out of your home is not just a matter of cleanliness. Just think about it. You could scrub your floors and counter-tops, light a perfumed candle – even add a new coat of paint and new carpeting – and while the look will improve, your indoor air could actually be even more […]