Aprilaire Products

Healthy Air Solutions

Aprilaire Indoor Air Quality solutions allow you to generate additional revenue by offering a full line of products that meet consumer concerns for comfort, health, and home preservation. Aprilaire not only offers reliable products in all IAQ categories, but also has the tools, training, and partnerships to help you find success. Learn more about the exclusive benefits of our various product lines:

Air Cleaners

Every system requires a filter. Choose one designed for superior protection and fewer callbacks by including an Aprilaire High-Efficiency Air Cleaner.


The full line of Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifiers offers a range of solutions for any application. Assist your customers in fighting cracked floors, dry eyes, itchy skin, and virus transmission.


Aprilaire Dehumidifiers combine high capacity with energy efficiency. Designed for a broad range of applications, all units feature corrosion-resistant aluminum coils and a washable MERV 8 filter.


Aprilaire’s line of ventilation products are designed to meet the most up-to-date energy codes and standards. Help eliminate the health and safety concerns of tight homes today.


All Aprilaire Thermostats are designed with the HVAC contractor in mind; providing a wide range of options for any application as well as the most intuitive set-up and installation available.

Home Automation

Aprilaire Home Automation Solutions allow system integrators to provide premier heating, cooling, and IAQ control products that connect seamlessly with leading companies’ home automation systems. 


Capitalize on a top consumer comfort concern with Aprilaire’s line of zoning panels and products. See why Aprilaire Zoning products make the perfect partner.